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Full customs clearance support

Permits preparation
Risk mitigation
Legal support

Primary activities

Permits preparation

Permits preparation

Many years of practice and expertise in obtaining permits for import and export of different products into Russia.

Assistance in getting: licenses, notifications, permits of Russian state bodies.Technical Regulation: EAC and GOST-R certificates and declarations. Export Control.

Full customs clearance support

Full customs clearance support

Full range of services in customs clearance: preparation of permits and other necessary documents, calculation of customs payments, filing customs declarations, representation at customs, communication with terminals, carriers and warehouses.

Special customs procedures: temporary import and export, Carnet ATA, reimport, reexport.

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation

Advisory services in Russian and EAEU customs law and customs practice. Audit of foreign trade operations, due diligence of commercial documents. Elaboration and implementation of appropriate import/export algorithms.

Minimization of customs payments. Determination of customs codes (HS and TNVED). Binding tariff rulings.

Legal support

Legal support

Representation of your interests in court. Filing appeals on customs decisions. Representation of your interests in court, filing complaints against decisions and actions of customs (both to court and to superior customs authorities).

Legal and advisory assistance during customs audit.


We know customs affairs inside out — we provide consultations, obtain permits, act as global trade outsourcer, and untie any tangled customs-related issues. We're proud to be among customs industry leaders.


Starting from 2009, IFCG has addressed customs-related issues for 5,000+ businesses in 30 countries and prepared 20,000+ permits.


IFCG core value is to build strong partnership with every client. It is a new strategy for customs clearance: instead of cookie-cutter approach we offer a tailored support to every client and delve into their objectives to offer solutions that fit best.


Our success is based on our team of professionals. These are experts who gained great working experience in the Federal Customs Service and proved themselves in world's leading consulting companies (including EY, PWC, KPMG).

5 000
CUSTOMERS in Russia and other countries
COUNTRIES — global coverage
20 000
RECEIVED PERMITS for customs clearance
2 500
2500 CLEARED customs declarations
CLEARED customs declarations
YEARS of trust and efficiency

Analytics & Legislation

Notification for importation of cryptographic devices

Import (and export) of cryptographic equipment to the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is restricted. It is worth noting that most laptops, cell phones, routers, network switches, wireless mice, server systems, video game consoles, cryptocurrency mining hardware and other consumer devices support cryptography…

Licenses and permits for importation of radio devices

Today, many electronic devices contain radio-electronic modules that are able to receive and/or transmit radio waves. Such devices potentially may cause interference or transmit in restricted radio frequency band. Most countries impose certain constraints and requirements on importation and use of such equipment…

EAEU Technical Regulations

All products produced in the EAEU or being imported into the EAEU are obliged to be certified in accordance with EAEU Technical Regulations.

There are currently more than 40 technical regulations adopted in the EAEU.

We offer stand-alone lectures, trainings, and even comprehensive educational programs on import-export, logistics, and customs clearance.