EAC Certificates and Declarations
EAC Certificates and Declarations

EAC Certificates and Declarations confirm that their subject product meets the requirements of Technical Regulations of the EAEU and is safe to use.

EAC documents are required to import or sell products in the EAEU.

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EAC Certificates and Declarations

On January 1, 2010 Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan established a Customs Union (now evolved into Eurasian Economic Union — EAEU). In 2014-2015 two more countries joined the Union: Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. At present time, the participating countries have common customs legislation and a common certification system.

All products produced in the EAEU or being imported into the EAEU are obliged to be certified in accordance with EAEU Technical Regulations.

There are more than 40 Technical Regulations adopted at this moment. Each Regulation covers a specific group of products, for example:

  • Electronic devices;
  • Machines and equipment;
  • Furniture;
  • Road Vehicles;
  • Products for children;
  • Food;
  • Clothing and footwear, etc.

Documents to be obtained

EAC Certificate

The certificate is issued on an official forge-protected blank, signed by certification authority representatives and stamped.

EAC Declaration

The declaration is issued on a blank A4 paper sheet, signed and stamped by the applicant.

The above EAC documents confirm that the product meets the requirements of Technical Regulations.

In Russia certificates and declarations are published on official website of the Federal Service for Accreditation (RusAccreditation):

In Kazakhstan certificates and declarations are published on the Single Window Portal of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan: 

Who can require EAC Certificate or Declaration?

  1. EAEU Customs authorities — when the products are being imported into EAEU.
  2. Other EAEU bodies (health services, supervision inspectors etc.) — when the products are sold within EAEU.
  3. EAEU customers who buy the products.

Does your product really need EAC Certificate or Declaration?

It depends on:

  • characteristics of the product;
  • its purpose and functions;
  • HS code.

In order to be sure whether your product should be certified or not we recommend to refer to Technical Regulations or contact our experts.

How to get EAC document?

To receive an EAC document the manufacturer should submit an application to the EAEU certification authority. The application should be composed in EAEU member country national language and contain general information about product and manufacturer.

In most cases, the certification authority will then request samples of the product to conduct testing on compliance with the requirements of Technical regulations, along with the technical documentation, datasheets, etc.

If the tests succeed the EAC document is issued and submitted to the proper register for publication. Published EAC document is officially recognized all over the EAEU and can be used, in particular, for customs clearance.

How can we help?

  1. Just send us general descriptions of your products
    These may include instruction manuals, leaflets, datasheets, links to websites etc.
  2. We will analyze the documents and let you know:
    — whether your product requires an EAC document or not;
    — if it does, which Technical Regulation it falls under, and what the certification procedure is (timeline, costs, and documents required).
  3. We will draw up and file applications to the EAC authority
    We will act as your representative at EAEU Certification authorities: we will draw up and file applications and negotiate with officials on your behalf.
  4. We will get the registered EAC Certificate (Declaration) and send it to you or to your distributors (importers) in the EAEU