Importation of wireless (radio) products
Into Russia and other EAEU countries
Importation of radio-electronic devices

Importation of certain products which have radio-electronic modules (capable of receiving/transmitting radio waves) to the Eurasian Economic Union is restricted and requires obtaining a special permit.

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Importation of wireless (radio) products Into Russia and other EAEU countries

Importation of certain products which have radio modules (capable of receiving/transmitting radio waves) to the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is restricted and requires obtaining a special permit, usually a license.

The EAEU law divides such products into two groups:

  • Radio-electronic equipment (REQ) — is usually a wireless communication device or any other hardware intended to transmit or receive information by means of radio waves.
    Examples of REQ:
    • mobile phones, cordless phones, radio sets and receivers, baby monitors, modems, wireless gauges;
    • cellular base stations, transmitters, antennas;
    • devices capable of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection (routers, laptops, tablets, wireless peripheral devices: headsets, keyboards/computer mice, audio systems, TV sets, etc.);
    • GPS navigators and trackers;
    • satellite equipment including domestic TV receivers and satellite dishes;
    • RFID cards/chips (access badges, transport tickets);
    • car and burglar alarm systems;
    • radio-controlled models, toys, etc.;
    • industrial wireless equipment.
  • High-frequency devices (HFD) — equipment intended for generating high-frequency radio energy for industrial, scientific, medical, domestic, and other purposes except for communication.
    Examples of HFD:
    • microwave ovens
    • computed tomography scanners and other medical equipment using microwaves for research/medical purposes;
      industrial dryers, induction furnaces;
    • radars and other military equipment;
    • various types of laboratory equipment.

Legal framework

Radio devices that need a license or other permit for importation are listed in Chapter 2.16 of Annex 2 to the Decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission No 30 of April 21, 2015.

However, if the device is included in the Exception list (Annex 2 to Annex 15 to the EEC Decision No 30) no licenses or permits are required.

In Russia, the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF) is responsible for regulation of use of radio frequency bands. The Commission issues legal acts (SCRF Decisions) that set requirements for characteristics of radio equipment. Your product can only be imported into Russia if it conforms to all appropriate SCRF Decisions.

What particular permit should you get?

Usually an importer should have a license for importation of radio devices.

While the license can only be obtained by EAEU companies (e.g. local distributors or subsidiaries), the foreign manufacturer may assist them in including the product into the national register of radio equipment importation of which is allowed.

This would greatly simplify and speed up issuing licenses later.

How do you include your product in the national register?

In Russia, radio device can be included in the national register after it is tested for conformance to the SCRF requirements for various radio characteristics (e.g. frequency band, transmit power, sensitivity, etc.).

Testing is performed in the laboratories of the Main Radio Frequency Center (MRFC). Upon successful testing MRFC issues a conclusion confirming product’s compliance with the SCRF requirements and the product is included in the register of REQ and HFD importation of which to Russia is allowed (Russia’s national register or so called “Roskomnadzor register”).

After the product has been included in this register, any Russian company (e.g. dealers, distributors) can easily get a license for import into Russia.

According to EAEU law, products which have been imported into Russia can be freely transported to any other EAEU country without any restrictions.

We can help you to include your product in the register in three simple steps:

  1. Just send us general descriptions of your products
    These may include instruction manuals, leaflets, datasheets, links to websites, etc. We will analyze them and let you know whether your products meet EAEU restrictions and requirements or not. If they do we will proceed to Step 2:
  2. We will conclude agreement with you and will act on your behalf at MRFC
    We will need a sample of your product so that we can provide it to MRFC for testing. Our experts will then submit all necessary documents (applications, datasheets etc.) to MRFC.

    We will negotiate with MRFC officials and engineers, answer their questions, and providing all the additional information they need.
  3. We will get MRFC conclusion and make sure your product is included into the national register
    We will send you the link to your product in the register so that you can provide it to your Russian distributors. If necessary we will send you the original MRFC Conclusion.