IFCG Academy
At IFCG Academy we:

— expand the professional community
— share expertise
— engage and train import/export specialists, and
— develop efficient strategies

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IFCG Academy

Though our clients are at the top of our priority list, we also develop important external projects. IFCG Academy is among them.

The major goals of this project are:


of those involved in import-export, customs clearance and logistics activities.


openly via IFCG Encyclopedia — a regularly updated, comprehensive, knowledge-packed online import and export database.


of both IFCG and partner companies to advance their professional development.


that help to solve customs legislation issues and business cases jointly with chambers of commerce and industry.

Workshops and trainings

We help employees to better understand the customs legislation, provide them with a set of legal tools and teach them to defend interests of your company in customs-related disputes.

Our workshops and trainings give clear-cut answers to your how-to questions, provide professional training, explain the complicated import-export system and help you make well-informed decisions.

We deliver training to

Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber
Russian-German Foreign Trade Chamber

With 800+ members, the Chamber is Russia’s largest foreign business association. It promotes German businesses in Russia and aids domestic companies in attracting foreign investments.

French Chamber of Commerce
French Chamber of Commerce

The Commerce aims to strengthen France-Russia trade relations. Its members are 450 manufacturing, energy, production, trade and service companies.

Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

With 3500+ members, the Chamber is Moscow’s largest business association and the only organization in Moscow to represent businesses at the local government agencies.

European Business Association
European Business Association

The Association is the main European representation of foreign investors in Russia. It is a non-commercial organisation that promotes the interests of European companies doing business in Russia.

Educational centers

including Elcode and other educational organizations that offer standard and advanced training for specialists in various fields.

We are ready to share our

  • 9+ years of experience
  • 20,000 customs permits obtained
  • 5,000 clients in 30 countries
  • An inhouse team of experts
  • Among the speakers:
    — heads of IFCG departments
    — representatives of customs authorities: Russia’s Federal Customs Service, Central Customs Administration, Sheremetyevo Customs, Moscow Region Customs etc. as invited lecturers
  • The programs consider your specific goals
  • Less theory, more practice in customs-related issues
  • Real-life cases

We offer stand-alone lectures, trainings, and even comprehensive educational programs on import-export, logistics, and customs clearance. For companies, these programs are a good fit to expand or update the relevant staff; for individuals — to acquire a new set of skills and start a new career.

You acquire knowledge backed by our experience and practical cases (including unconventional and complicated ones). You learn the theory and practical aspects of import and export including:

  • Preparation of customs clearance documents
  • Customs value calculation
  • Administrative liabilities for customs offences
  • Classification of goods

The programs are flexible both in terms of duration and content. They range from standard programs (eight two-hour sessions) to individual training fully customized to your business needs.