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+7 (495) 544 5 900

General questions such as: the scope of our services, the range of issues we work on, procedures of work, public relations and media etc.

Customs department

+7 (495) 544 5 900 ext. 400

Customs Clearance.
Department specializes on practical customs help: filing documents to customs, including customs declarations, overall guidance through the customs process, other practical issues

Licensing department

+7 (495) 544 5 900 ext. 200

Obtaining licenses, certificates, cryptographic permits («notifications») and other documents required for import into Russia

Consulting department

+7 (495) 544 5 900 ext. 500

Advisory services on customs issues, audit of customs documents (customs compliance), assistance in courts, customs trainings and seminars


Our office in Moscow:

Russia, Moscow, 143441, 69 km MKAD, Business Park «GreenWood», bld. 9

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