Customs compliance audit

If you export goods into Russia, you know that certain documents should accompany the goods (e.g. bills of lading, invoices etc.). Russian customs checks these documents and makes sure that the information in documents corresponds to the actual characteristics of goods. Moreover, Russian customs has certain requirements to these documents (e.g. invoice should have the reference to contract, packing list etc). In case customs decides that documents are not in line with the requirements, they can ask the importer to provide explanations, additional documents or even impose fines on the importer. Anyway, such situations involve delays in customs clearance and additional logistics costs.

In this respect we would like to offer you our services that consist in reviewing and amending your documents, finding and eliminating risks of their incompliance with Russian customs law (customs compliance). The result of our work will be a detailed report containing revealed risks and recommendations as well as amended versions of your documents.