Terms of Service

The Express Consulting Services (hereinafter – ECS) are rendered by IFCG in the following way.

A legal entity or an individual (hereinafter – the Client) which intends to use ECS is to perform the following actions:

  1. Visit the following web-page located on the official IFCG web-site: Express consulting.
  2. Choose the customs issue which the Client needs to be clarified by IFCG.
  3. Fill in the questionnaire and submit it by clicking the appropriate button.

After the above actions have been performed by the Client, the IFCG Manager performs the following steps:

  1. Reviews the information provided by the Client within the answers to the questionnaire.
  2. If IFCG can provide the advice, the Manager sends to the Client an e-mail which contains the acceptance of the Client's request as well the scope and cost of the services and the payment instructions, i.e., a link to the dedicated payment page.
  3. If IFCG cannot provide the advice for some reason, the Manager notifies the Client by e-mail.

The Client should follow the instructions provided by the IFCG Manager and make a payment via electronic means. Having received the notification that the payment has been made by the Client, the IFCG Manager is to send the Official Advice to the Client written on the official blank of IFCG Company and signed by Senior Manager or the Head of IFCG Customs Department.

Terms of payment

By making payment Client confirms his/her understanding of the scope of the services and agrees to these terms.

Payments shall be made by Credit or Debit Bank Card:


Processing services are provided by Uniteller: .

IFCG investigates and prosecutes bank card fraud to the fullest extent of the Russian and International Law.

Terms of refund

In case the Client considers that the advice is incorrect or incomplete, the Client should fill in the respective form on the refund request page. The Client should provide a well grounded explanation of the claim. The advice is considered to be incomplete if it does not provide full answer to the Client's question (questions). The advice is considered to be incorrect provided it contains information which does not correspond to Russian customs law. The Client should prove the incorrectness and/or incompleteness of the advice.

Should you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail:


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