EAC Certificates and Declarations

On January 1, 2010 Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan established a Customs Union (now evolved into Eurasian Economic Union – EAEU). In 2014-2015 two more countries joined the Union: Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. At present time, the participating countries have common customs legislation and common certification system. All products produced in the EAEU or being imported into the EAEU are obliged to be certified in accordance with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

Technical Regulations

There are 36 Technical Regulations adopted at this moment. Each Regulation covers specific group of products, for example:

  • Electronic devices
  • Machines and equipment
  • Furniture
  • Road Vehicles
  • Products for children
  • Food
  • Clothing and footwear, etc.

Documents to be obtained

To confirm that a product conforms to the requirements of the EAEU Technical Regulations following documents are issued:

  • EAC Certificate
  • EAC Declaration

The above documents are issued (or registered) by EAEU Certification authorities based on the analysis of the products and/or documentation for the products. The documents have equal legal force; which document should be obtained depends on the product: respective Technical Regulations list goods that fall within the scope of each type of document.

Products certified according to EAEU Technical Regulations have to be labelled with the EAC Mark:
EAC Mark


EAEU Customs oblige Importers to provide EAC Certificates / EAC Declarations during importation to the EAEU territory.

These documents are also required for sale of the goods on EAEU market.


Delegate the whole issue of obtaining EAC Certificates / EAC Declarations to the expert company.

IFCG will provide you with overall assistance; in particular:

  • Preparing / working out the whole set of documents required for the composition of applications to EAEU Certification authorities
  • Submitting applications to the authorities
  • Communication with officials
  • Obtaining the issued (registered) EAC Certificates and Declarations and providing them to you or to your distributors (importers) in the EAEU.