Importation of cryptographic devices into Russia. Notifications

According to Russian legislation if a company imports into Russia certain products which have cryptographic functions (e.g. laptops, mobile phones, routers, certain types of software etc.), this company should submit to customs so-called notification. The notification is a document which contains information about products including their cryptographic functions. The notification is to be composed and signed by the importer or producer and then registered (stamped) by the Federal Security Service (FSS) of Russia. Only then the notification could be accepted by customs.

We would be happy to provide you with overall assistance in composing notifications and stamping them by FSS, in particular:

  1. Composing the notifications for your products considering all information which is necessary for registration by FSS
  2. Submitting notifications to FSS
  3. Communication with FSS officials on the issues of registration
  4. Obtaining the registered notifications at FSS and providing you with them