Code 3909 39 000 0


SECTION VII 39 3909 3909 39 000 0

Import duty: 6.5%
Export duty: 5.5%
Import VAT: 20%

Permits, required for import (export)

The list of permits below is based on the HS code only and hence is not exhaustive or exact. Actual documents required for import (export) depend on product properties and other conditions.

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Export control

Types of documents: FSTEC Conclusion, FSTEC License, ECC Permit.

The documents are required for exportation from Russia (sometimes for importation) of dual-use goods (or the goods that could be classified as such).

Dual-use goods are goods that could be potentially used for both civil and military purposes.


These documents may be needed too

These documents are needed rarely or only if certain conditions are met. Please see details below.

Documents of conformity to EAEU technical regulations

Types of documents: Certificate or Declaration of conformity, other documents stipulated by respective technical regulation

The documents are required for importation of goods that fall within the scope of the EAEU technical regulations, as well as sale and use of those goods throughout the EAEU territory. The common list of such goods is provided in Decision No 526 of the Customs Union Commission of November 28, 2011.

Detailed information for this EAEU HS code is provided below.