New Procedure for the Import of Products That Were Subject to Conformity Assessment Relaxation


On January 30, 2022, Decision No. 130 of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Council comes into force, replacing Decision No. 294 of the EEC Collegium.

The expiring document enshrined the right of the declarant to import products, which are typically subject to conformity assessment (in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union), in single copies without obtaining a Certificate/Declaration of Conformity.

The new Decision introduced a number of significant changes:

  1. Without the confirmation of conformity, you can import product samples for representative purposes as souvenirs or promotional materials in the amount specified in the agreement, – clause 6 g);
  2. Spare parts can be imported without the confirmation of conformity only if they are imported for repair or maintenance of products that have a Certificate or Declaration of Conformity, – clause 6 d).

Spare parts are individual parts intended to replace (repair) parts that are (were) in use (worn out, malfunctioning, failed) in order to maintain or restore the working condition of the product without the purpose of resale.

This clause applies only to the spare parts that require the confirmation of conformity.

  1. Without the confirmation of conformity, it is possible to import raw materials and components for the production of goods only if the manufacturer is the declarant, – clause 6 e);
  2. Without the confirmation of conformity, you can import only a single copy of the goods for the needs of the declarant, without the right to alienate and transfer the goods to third parties, – clause 6 l).
  3. Other people's documents proving the conformity of the mass-produced products may be used for declaration purposes. However, it can be done only if the applicant/manufacturer of the document has provided the declarant with a copy certified by them, – clause 10 v).