Amendments to the decision on the forms of the certificate and declaration of conformity have been prepared


On November 26, 2021, a public discussion began on three draft decisions of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission regarding certificates and a declaration of conformity.

It is planned to make changes to:

- Decision of the CUC No. 319 of June 18, 2010 "On technical regulation in the Customs Union".

- Decision of the EEС Board No. 293 of December 25, 2012 "On uniform forms of the certificate of conformity and the declaration of conformity to the technical regulations of the Customs Union and the rules for their registration".

- Decision of the EEC Board No. 127 of September 26, 2017 "On the procedure for the formation and maintenance of a unified register of issued certificates of conformity and registered declarations of conformity."

The main changes foreseen by the projects:

Adding a clause on replacing the document of conformity, which establish specific cases of replacement without additional testing.

Adding a clause stating that the electronic record of the certificate / declaration in the unified register is a document on conformity assessment in electronic form, equal in legal force with documents on paper.

The ability to registration a document only in electronic format is established (with a note in the unified register that the paper version was not issued).

GLN, GTIN and QR-code will be entered into the structure of the fields of conformity assessment documents.

The field with the grounds for issuing the certificate of conformity will be supplemented with information about the number and date of execution of the act of analysis of the state of production, the name of the certification body and the registration number of the accreditation certificate.