The effect date of TR EAEU 048/2019 “On the requirements for the energy efficiency of energy-saving devices” has been postponed


Initially, this technical regulation was supposed to come into force on September 1, 2022. However, by Decision of the EEC Council No. 50 dated April 15, 2022, it was established that the technical regulation TR EAEU 048/2019 comes into force on September 1, 2025, except of some sections.

At the same time, a draft decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission, which establishes the forms of labels for energy-saving devices of various types and the rules for their design, must be developed and put into effect no later than March 1, 2025.

The postponement of the date of come into force of the technical regulation will make it possible to update several requirements of the technical regulation and complete the development and adoption of the second level acts necessary for the implementation of the technical regulations – a list of standards and energy efficiency labels for energy-saving devices.