Vehicle Type Approval Procedures (OTTS)


The decision of the EEC Council No. 132 dated 08/19/2022 clarified the procedures for approving the type of vehicle (OTTS), as well as the validity of permits received by an authorized representative of the manufacturer. In particular, until December 31, 2024:

  • Authorized representatives of a foreign manufacturer that authorized representatives of a foreign manufacturer have the right to be applicants when conducting vehicle type approval (chassis type approval), extending or extending its validity. Previously, representatives could act as applicants only upon receipt of the OTTS.
  • The validity of conformity assessment documents for a car or for automotive components in the event of revocation of authority from the manufacturer's representative who received them does not cease.

This decision came into force on 18.09.2022 and applies to legal relations that have arisen since March 1, 2022.Decision of the EEC Council of August 19, 2022 No. 132.